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"Galini" restaurant is located in Koutouloufari, Chersonissos - a traditional housing estate which was originally built when the Minoan civilisation prospered as well as the once powerful cities like Chersonissos, Lymos, Festos, Knossos etc.

Since 1987 we have been offering the traditional Greek and Cretan cuisine in accordance with the French and Italian one. There is also "ecological cuisine" available based on products which are biologicaly cultivated.

"Galini" is a restaurant unique on crete because it offers food exclusively based on the Greek cuisine of the ancient Atheneans, Spartians and other greek civilisations of that time. We offer the unique "symposium menus". In the field of gastronomy, "Galini" is one of a kind. Not only that but the way of serving our delicius dishes is original and pioneering as well.

We serve the best wine in the world coming from Italy, France, Australia, South Africa, California, Lebanon, etc. The wine servers always present the restaurant open and serve these wines in a rather unique way in the whole world.



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